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Important note from the Racing Secretary

From the Racing Secretary to...

Racing members of the CCC and to
non racing members looking for something new and exciting.

(RO = Race Officer ARO = Assistant Race Officer CV = Committee Vessel)

I am still concerned about the small number of you who are known to me as willing to assist with Race Officer duties – a very rewarding experience for those of us who indulge in this pastime, despite a/or because of it being quite challenging at times.
After all, if we have not got many ROs on the panel then it may come to the point where we cannot run many races either. Indeed if one or two of us were to retire from RO duties right now then we could not sustain the level of racing that was achieved last year - I had to start 3 of the 6 races myself in order to keep to our 100% delivery of the program. As I mentioned at the AGM, I shall not be repeating that feat again, although I am willing to start and finish the opening Bute Race as usual.

If any of you are willing and able to join the panel as an RO or ARO then please contact me asap. If any of you are willing but not yet able to be an RO then please contact me even sooner and I shall try to arrange for you to join a CV with an RO in charge so that you can get some experience of what a great job it can be. Another possibility is that you may own a boat near to a start line (eg Kip) but you don't feel confident to start a race - again please contact me and I will hopefully be able to arrange someone to come out with you to run the start line.

1) perhaps you would like to join me in the Bute race for a fun packed day, starting the race at Kip followed by a nice cruise around the lower river Clyde in the April sunshine and finishing the race at Largs many hours later (for some at least).
2) all that is required for the Ailsa Craig race is that you pop out of the marina around 1915, anchor, start the race at 2000 and return to the marina for a slap up meal aboard your vessel!

I look forward to hearing from any willing souls who appreciate the need for officials in order to keep our racing program going.

Thank you all and my appreciation to Ken Andrew, Johnny Redman, Ian Reid and Patrick Trust who have already volunteered to help in some way to keep our racing program alive this year.

Peter Edmond (racing secretary)

Races for 2022

April 23rd Bute Race (Kip)
April 30th Opening Muster (Rhu)

July 2nd Ailsa Craig Two-handed Race (Kip)
July 16th Tobermory Race 1 (Rothesay)
July !8th Tobermory Race 2 (Crinan)

Aug 20th Tarbert Race (Largs)
Sep 24th Closing Muster (Rothesay)

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