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The Clyde Cruising Club has published Sailing Directions for Scottish waters since its inception in 1909, first as the well known Blue Book which was published in ten editions until 1974 and latterly in five separate volumes under the titles listed below. Since 2011 these books have gradually been merged with Martin Lawrence's Yachtsman's Pilot series with editorial control remaining with the CCC and publishing being undertaken by the nautical specialists, Imray, Laurie, Norie and Wilson. All the books can be obtained direct from Imray and many other online sources. Alternatively, they are stocked by the majority of good chandlers or can be ordered from the CCC office in Glasgow; tel: 0141 221 2774. Clyde Cruising Club Members are entitled to a discount of up to 40% if ordering through the CCC office.

Digital Versions

CCC Sailing Directions are also available in a PDF version. This provides an identical format to that of the printed books which can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop. To buy a CCC/Imray PDF book use the link, 'Buy PDF book'. This will take you to the relevant title on the Google Play Book store where you will be offered an option to preview before you buy. They can be read on a wide range of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Nook, Sony Reader etc. PDF books are not available via iBooks but Apple users can download Google Play Books or another PDF book reader app on to their device. They are not currently supported for Kindle.

Cruising Scotland

To mark the centenary of the CCC the Club published a companion to the Sailing Directions, Cruising Scotland. This gives a well-illustrated overview of the entire west coast of Scotland from the Solway Firth to Cape Wrath, serving as a guide to cruise planning and a general introduction to Scottish waters for visiting yachtsmen. By 2015 the original print-run had sold out and an updated second edition has been prepared and published by Imrays. For further details see the bottom of this page.


Each publication has regular amendments to update new light sequences, fresh contact details, new experiences in anchorages and even newly discovered rocks!

Amendments for each book of Sailing Directions are published here when they are done annually. Amendments remain on the website until any new ones are published.

To find the amendments, look at the foot of each publication, there's a link to the amendments to that book, and at the bottom of this page the relevant pdf format amendments are downloadable. The download gives all the amendments since the edition was published and is in a printable, multi-page, A4, format. The pages can be stapled together and inserted at the back of the relevant book.

The rocks don't move...

Maybe, but 'new' rocks are discovered and countless other things change. If you see anything, however minor, in these Directions that needs amending or updating please email the editor at:

FIRTH OF CLYDE - Including Solway Firth and North Channel

This is the third Imray edition of the CCC Sailing Directions for this popular sailing area. Its coverage also includes the approaches to the Firth of Clyde, extending to the North Channel, the coast of Northern Ireland (Rathlin Island to Belfast Lough) and, on the Scottish side, southwards from Stranraer to Portpatrick and beyond to the Solway Firth and Cumbria. The text and plans have been thoroughly updated to January 2020 and new photographs and plans have been added.

Published by Imray (3rd edition 2020) - 148pp – Spiral Bound – ISBN 978-1786791641 - £35.00 plus p&p (£21.00 plus p&p to members)

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KINTYRE TO ARDNAMURCHANKintyre to Ardnamurchan cover 2020

This third edition of the CCC's best-selling volume of Sailing Directions covers the most varied and accessible part of the Scottish west coast in even greater detail than before. The text has been fully updated and revised and is supported by several new photographs. Some additional anchorages have been included, drawing on recent Antares surveys, and all the existing plans have been amended to incorporate new navigational features and the ever-expanding number of pontoons and their associated shore side facilities.

Published by Imray (3rd edition 2020) - 214pp - Spiral Bound - ISBN 978-1786791665 - £35.00 plus p&p (£21.00 plus p&p to members)


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Covers the north section of the West Coast of Scotland from Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, including the whole of Skye and the Small Isles. This fully updated 2nd edition contains several new anchorages and includes much new and valuable information derived from recent surveys by Antares charts.

Published by Imray (2nd edition 2017) - 160pp - Spiral bound - ISBN 978-1846238673 - £32.50 plus p&p (£19.50 plus p&p to members)

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OUTER HEBRIDES                                        

Coverage of this unique area begins in Barra Head and stretches northeast to East Lewis and west to the exposed Atlantic coast and the remote islands of the St Kilda group. Directions for crossing the Minch are also included. This thoroughly revised second edition contains updates to the text, many based on users reports as well as official notices. Many of the plans have also been improved by the inclusion yet more of the latest Antares surveys.

Published by Imray (2nd edition 2017) - 172 pp - Spiral bound - ISBN 978-1846239038 - £32.50 plus p&p (£19.50 plus p&p to members)

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ORKNEY and SHETLAND - Including North and Northeast Scotland

This is the second edition of this book in which the previously separate volumes covering the Orkney and Shetland Islands have been combined into one. This also includes the principal harbours and anchorages on the north and northeast coast of Scotland from Cape Wrath to Inverness. Passage notes for the Scottish coast and out to the Northern Isles, including Fair Isle, are also included and the Pentland Firth section has been substantially re-written and expanded.

Published by Imray (2nd edition 2020) - 150pp – Spiral Bound – ISBN 978-1786791610 - £35.00 plus p&p (£21.00 plus p&p to members)

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CRUISING SCOTLAND - The Clyde to Cape Wrath

With each chapter devoted to one of the CCC's books of Sailing Directions for the west coast, this Cruising Companion, now in a second edition, provides additional information, historical background and other points of interest together with hundreds of superb photographs. It is a fascinating and invaluable addition to the Club's publications and no yacht cruising the Scottish west coast should be without a copy.

Published by Imray (2nd edition 2015) - 222p - Hardback - ISBN 978-1846236976 - £27.50 plus p&p (£16.50 plus p&p to members)

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No amendments are issued for this publication



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