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Click on one of the following links for tidal predictions in the area specified.  These tidal predictions are not provided by Clyde Cruising Club and the club cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of these predictions.


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Bowling, GlasgowWemyss BayPort Glasgow
East Loch TarbertTighnabruaichRosneath



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Notices to Mariners

The Coastguard Forecasts

Two Coastguard stations cover the Scottish West Coast areas:

Belfast Coastguard covers the area Mull of Galloway to Mull of Kintyre and including the Firth of Clyde, and north to Ardnamurchan

Stornoway Coastguard covers Ardnamurchan to Cape Wrath.

There is an overlap of reception by both Coastguard offices in the area Mull of Kintryre to Ardnamurchan.

Initial announcements are made on ch 16 and thereafter the forecasts are made from various transmitter sites. The working channels are announced on Ch 16, so listen for the strongest, and switch to that to hear the forecast.

Forecasts by Coastguards are made at local time; i.e. the 'clock time' that the broadcast is made remains the same throughout the year. The forecasts by Stornoway Coastguard are made every three hours commencing at 0210 and thereafter at 0510, 0810, 1110, 1410, 1710, 2010 and 2310. The times given are not precise as forecasts may be delayed or omitted during casualty working.

Further coverage is given by Shetland Coastguard, covering Orkney and Shetland areas. Aberdeen Coastguard covers the east coast.

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