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How do I join CCC ?

Why Join?           ALL WELCOME!    

Enjoy the Members' discount of 40% on the world famous CCC Sailing Directions

Benefit from the activities the Club organises with discounted entry fees to members.

Learn to sail at the CCC Dinghy Section based at Bardowie Loch on the outskirts of Milngavie.

CCC has a long history of representing sailors and their interests to official bodies, government and local authorities.

No joining fee!


CCC Membership Forms 2021

New members are asked to download the Membership Application which can then be completed and returned to the Club office; these forms can be signed, scanned and returned to the office by email, or posted to the office at the address at the foot of the web page.
Current membership fees are shown in the subscription rates sheet. New members can pay by bank transfer, with details shown on the Membership Application Form, or by cheque. (and see Payment of Members' subscriptions below)

Payment of Members' Subscriptions
Going forward, with the introduction of our software management programme, SCM, payment will be made online through the website. This information will be updated as this is introduced.

All ages effective as at 1st January.  The subscription year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

There is no entry fee. A member joining after 30 September need not pay a membership subscription until 1 January of the following year, paid by Direct Debit.

The term Family includes Spouses/Partners and, where applicable, Sons and Daughters of 24 years of age and under all resident at the same address.

Members not already members of the Dinghy Section who wish to avail themselves of the facilities and tuition at Bardowie need only pay the balance of the relevant Dinghy Section Membership and any booked tuition.

Membership of the Dinghy Section is open to any Member of Clyde Cruising Club, provided that those Members under 12 years of age are accompanied at all times by a responsible person aged 18 or over. All Dinghy Section Members should be water confident.

Applicants wishing to avail themselves of Family Subscription should complete one Application Form in respect of each adult Ordinary membership and attach a list giving the full names and dates of birth of all sons and daughters aged 24 and under.


Upcoming Events

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  • GSS Marine Services
  • Tunnocks
  • SS logo
  • Largs Regatta 18