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Scottish Canals

The Scottish Canals are well worth visiting.  These allow access to other waters without the need for a long sea passage.  There are more details of all these canals on the web.

The Crinan Canal removes a detour from The Clyde/Loch Fyne of over 75 miles to reach the Fith of Lorne. Further details.

 You can register online email Boats with a draft of more than 2.2m fresh water require to give 48 hours notice.

Crinan Canal October 2020 updated operating hours

The Canal staff encourage your safety by asking you to wear your lifejacket.

The Caledonian Canal is a shortcut from the North Sea to the Head of Loch Linnie and and makes a very long trip round the North of Scotland un-necessary, Much used by continental yachts cruising on the West Coast.  Further details.

The Forth and Clyde Canal does what it says, it links the two estuaries and is navigable for boats drawing Max 1.83 Mts (6Ft) Air Draft of 2.74 Mts (9Ft).  Max Beam 3.5 Mts (11.5 ft).  Further details.

 Crinan Canal



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