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CCC the active club at the heart of the Scottish sailing community, connecting people, exploring, cruising, racing and learning.

Updated 17th November 2021

The events calendar has been updated as at 17/11/21here

Racing results added here

North Clyde Regatta here

RYA Day Skipper Course by CCC at Bardowie here

Clyde Cruising Club

• Providing you with a fun opportunity to connect and sail with other people who share your love of being on the water.

• Offering fantastic opportunities to learn skills for life on and off the water at your own RYA approved Training Centre at Bardowie Loch, Glasgow.

• Publishing widely renowned sailing directions, yearbook and journal to allow you to explore new and exciting places, either with other members or on your own.

   Upholding the interests of cruising sailors throughout Scottish Waters.

• Organising world class racing with a diverse programme for keelboats and dinghies alike across Scotland.

• Enabling access to all aspects of sailing, for all ages and abilities through dinghy and yacht sailing.

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CCC Annual.

The sailing season is passing quickly and, although it might not be a typical or ideal one, we are out on the water again, be it at Bardowie, the Clyde, the West Coast or further afield. The Journal part of the Journal/Yearbook (the CCC is continuing with the amalgamated publication for the time being) needs articles, logs and photographs. We have many fine trophies to be awarded for logs, however formal or informal you want them to be. And if you want to write something and not be considered for some of the CCC's silverware, that is just fine too. The Coruisk Plate is also awarded for good quality, high definition photographs. The deadline will be early October and we hope to be able to get the Journal/Yearbook out by the end of December. So let's hear from you!



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  • Tunnocks
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  • Largs Regatta 18
  • GSS Marine Services