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A completely new edition of the Clyde Cruising Club’s Sailing Directions for the Outer Hebrides was published at the 2013 London Boat Show. This is the second volume to be written by the CCC and published by Imrays in their new series combining the CCC Sailing Directions with Martin Lawrence’s well known Yachtsmen’s Pilots.

The new book is over 60 pages longer than the Club’s previous Outer Hebrides volume and the content has been thoroughly updated and revised. Much of the additional material incorporates Martin Lawrence’s aerial photography though there are now more anchorages included as well as expanded text where that has been thought necessary. The format of the book follows the pattern set by the first in the series, Firth of Clyde, but the coverage and arrangement of the book remains the same, starting with Barra and the islands to the south and proceeding northward to Lewis and finishing with the west coast, St. Kilda and the Flannans.

The new book will be sold through all the usual outlets at £27.50. CCC members will be able to purchase copies from the Club office at the special member’s price of £18.00 plus p&p.


1. The Firth of Clyde

Covers the Firth of Clyde and adjacent lochs together with the North Channel, the Antrim Coast and the Solway Firth.

First published by Imray in 2012. Amendments will be published on this website and www.imray.com .

148pp – Spiral Bound – ISBN 978-184623-368-5

RRP £27.50 plus p&p 

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2. Kintyre to Ardnamurchan
Covers the mainland from the Mull of Kintyre
(Campbeltown Loch) to Ardnamurchan Point including the inner islands from Islay to Coll.

First published 2007 - Regularly reprinted with amendments
124pp - Spiral Bound - ISBN 978-1-899786-02-2

RRP £25.00 plus p&p
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3. Ardnamurchan to Cape Wrath
Covers the northern section of the West Coast of Scotland from
Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, including the whole of Skye, and the Small Isles.

First published 2006 - Regularly reprinted with amendments 104pp - Spiral Bound - ISBN 978-1-899786-03-9

 RRP £25.00 plus p&p
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4. Outer Hebrides
Covers the Outer Hebrides together with St. Kilda and the Flannan Islands and includes passage making across the Minch.


First published by Imray in 2013. Amendments will be published on this website and www.imray.com
168 pp - Spiral bound - ISBN 978-1846234453
RRP £27.50 plus p&p

5. North & North East Scotland and Orkney Islands
Covers the Scottish coast from Cape Wrath to Peterhead and also the Orkney Islands.

First published 2003 - Regularly reprinted with amendments 92pp - Spiral Bound - ISBN 978-1-899786-05-3

 RRP £25.00 plus p&p 
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6. Shetland Islands
Covers the Shetland Islands and Fair Isle including passage to Shetland from Orkney. Recently expanded with many aerial photographs.

First published 2003 - Regularly reprinted with amendments
76pp - Spiral Bound - ISBN 978-1-899786-06-0

 RRP £25.00 plus p&p 
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